Water and Sanitation

water and sanitation

Water sanitation is essential to maintain a healthy life. Water sanitation is required to reduce hospitalization and avoid diseases like gastritis. As an example, the Indian health care system has created a separate ministry for water sanitation. Every day more than 10,000 people get skill because of the contaminated water. Diarrhea is one of the … Read more Water and Sanitation

Wastewater Disposal system overview

The wastewater treatment plant is the place where wastewater gets turned back into water that we can drink or use for household purposes. For example, in India, there are an estimated more than 5000 treatment plants. The majority of sewage water contains human excreta and industrial waste containing organic matters and microbes. It is not … Read more Wastewater Disposal system overview

103 Innovative ways to conserve water

ways to conserve water

Take only enough water in a glass that you can drink. Use recyclable paper and cups for drinking and eating during festivals Install water collector at the rooftop of the building and drained water into the underground water tank. Collect the rainwater and store it in a moveable water tank to transport to drought areas. … Read more 103 Innovative ways to conserve water

How to drink water and Drinking water health benefits

how to drink water

There are numerous myths and stories on how to drink water. There are a lot of scientific studies that demonstrate various benefits of drinking water. Dark circles, frequent pimples, dull skin, bloated stomach are common effects of not drinking water properly. Every cell and function in our body requires water. You will never go to … Read more How to drink water and Drinking water health benefits

22 Detailed Water Pollution Causes and Effects

The biggest concern for humankind lies with the pollution in the form of water, soil, and air. The garbage from home, leftover fertilizer, and crops from agriculture, raw materials used by industries are significant forms of water pollution. Water pollution includes rivers, the ocean where industries and human by-products are releases at a massive scale. … Read more 22 Detailed Water Pollution Causes and Effects