Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Intergovernmental panel on climate change was formed in 1988 by two United Nations organizations to solve the water scarcity issues in the world. The United Nations general assembly endorsed world meteorological organization and the United Nations environment program and later.

Why was the intergovernmental plan on climate change formed?

A legislative panel on climate change that was created by the United Nations to deliver a report of climate change status. The committees consist of scientific experts from all around the globe. These are a group of people who get to organized to summarize our current knowledge and understanding of the state of climate change.

There are various group of intergovernmental panels on climate change who observe the earth based on the scientific parameters which determine the health of the ecosystem of our planet. Some groups include close to 400 scientists across many universities like the University of Australia, India, Europe, and South America regions. It is a team of both men and women and the retired experts who are working with some NGOs.

What does the IPCC report contain?

A report usually contents a summary of discussions and debates around the world’s scientists and field experts. The report contains many lab results physically that happens across locations. Special tests occur on the land, water, and in the air, and some are zero gravity in the International Space Station. The report contains observations like the temperature of the world, rainfall statistics, and the amount of pollution in the regions. The panels verify whether climate change is happening only due to greenhouse gases, or are there any unknown phenomenon.

How are reports reviewed?

The report goes through several review processes and feedback. The author must consider all feedback and address the queries raised in comments by the reviewers. The author must update the report based on each review comment and feedback that he/she gets in the scoping meeting.

Who is a reviewer for the reports, and how reports help governments and policymakers?

Usually, the report goes to the government for higher review. Governments get the opportunity even to reject a story if they do not satisfy the observation during the final part of the process, which is a plenary meeting. It contains all the governments who are part of the intergovernmental panel on climate change who fight for a common problem of water scarcity. They concur line by line with the final summarizing document of the report. Scientists are consistent with current scientific understanding, and they must be sure that they’ve got the science correct, and that’s the critical point about this meeting. Experts must make sure that they have the best possible assessment of the science

How long it takes to prepare a one assessment report?

It spans many years. The first assessment report was generated in 1990, second in 1995, third in 2001, fourth in 2007 and fifth in 2014. Due to multiple assessments and rigorous review stages, the final assessment report takes at least a couple of years to manifest the data and summarize the story.

In a nutshell, the intergovernmental panel on climate change empowers policymakers and government committees who decide future projections. It gives them the latest state of science that will then be able to advise them in many cases.

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Effects due to lack of water and water toxicity

Water is an essential element for the growth of the body. Various illnesses and diseases can occur due to filthy water and lack of water. Following is a list of water-borne conditions due to water toxicity.

A kidney stone is the result of not consuming 3-4 liters of water per day, damages the kidney by the growth of stones. These are calcium stones that form due to calcium molecule residue when enough water is through kidneys.

Diarrhea is the most prominent human killer as an effect of water-borne diseases. Millions of people collect dirty and filthy water from many distance kilometers due to water scarcity, and it leads people to consume water without sanitization.

Pneumonia is infection communicated with via air. It severely affects the immune system and causes lung failure. Pneumonia virus chokes up the respiratory system due to which patients die due to suffocation and breathlessness.

Malaria spreads via mosquitoes, which breed on open water. If not treated, then death is inevitable. Malaria virus severely damages the liver and blood vessels.

Hepatitis E malefactions liver. It is borne by regularly drinking contaminated water. Victims suffer from abdominal pain, vomiting, and dark urine.

Typhoid fever spread through eating contaminated food and drinking water that is not filtered correctly. Victims get high temperatures when suffering typhoid.

Yellow fever mosquitos lead to severe hepatitis. It occurs mostly in tropical South America and a few African regions.
Paralysis happens with some warning. Frequently body cramps alarm an insufficient quantity of water. The blood vessels and muscles are permanently damaged If not treated well.

The plague is typically associated with rats. The bacteria is communicated majorly through rat flea.

Rift valley fever is a viral disease that usually happened due to contact with infected meat or blood of animals. California is a water scarcity region, and sometimes people reply to water tanks.

Chikungunya is likewise to dengue caused due to infected water. It affects joints and muscles, and patience can hardly walk with pain.

Leptospirosis affects humans and animals. It is caused due to water when contaminated with animal urine. In Chennai flooding, Wiel’s flue accounted for ten deaths. in 2019, Chennai is facing worse water scarcity in decades.

Rabies transmits through saliva or water contaminated mostly from dogs carrying or infected by the disease.

Schistosomiasis is caused by microbial agents when they meet freshwater.

Tensas another major disease cause by unfiltered water. The water mainly near to sewage gets mixed with water pipelines and affects people drinking affected water.

Fasciolosis reside in drinking water, and usual symptoms are liver enlargements and jaundice.

Bacterial infections communicate through contaminated water. There are thousands of types of bacterial infections still being studied, and in most of the cases, doctors prescribe typical antibacterial dose to evaluate actual bacterial infection.

Cholera reaches by contaminated drinking water. Common symptoms are watery diarrhea, nausea, cramps, vomiting.

Dysentery is another term for diarrhea. However, the disease itself is a common bacterial infection caused by contaminated fresh drinking water. Significant symptoms are mucus release and blood vomiting.

Influenza is caused by mild to severe diseases. High giver, weakness, and cold are common symptoms of any flu. The testing process is a thorough medical test. In-state of Rajasthan, Swine flu recorded more than 80 death due to Influenza in the year 2019. Rajasthan is a water deficit state in India.

Gastroenteritis is a result of improper water communicated commonly through food and water. Street food, uncleaned kitchen vessels are caused primary passage of communication of gastro viruses.

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29 Water Toxicity effects on life

Water toxicity leads to numerous amounts of lethal side effects on the body. Water may contain a substantial amount of toxic chemicals and particles depending upon the source of water and flow path. The following are some of the listed problems that affect living orgasms.

Water toxicity affects:

Newborn babies cannot drink water until six months, and poor quality of water may cause body malnutrition or, sometimes, even death.

A large number of populations live in water-scarce countries leading to fluorosis problems.

Highly chlorinated water that we found in the swimming pool darkens skin over time.

If you consume toxic water, the body demands more water due to dehydration.

Filthy water can cause severe diarrhea, Cholera, Typhoid, and dissent.

Fertilizers diluted with water can cause severe lung and sinus problems.

In India, approximately 2000 people died due to accidentally consuming water that got infected with fertilizers.

Water leaked from sewage that contaminates with the natural resource can affect sea life. Such water contains a tremendous amount of lead, which may cause cancer-related health problems.

Arsenic chemical elements can cause skin psoriasis.

Highly alcoholic substances damage the liver and even leads to death also.

Drinking water post smoking pollutes the water body molecule and can cause lung cancer.

Unstilted water sometimes causes bleeding in anal or piles issue.

Water collected from mining sources like coal and stone may choke up the gut’s enzyme secretion.

Drinking salt water can cause over hydration of the body and increase blood sugar levels.

Hepatitis A is a common infectious disease caused due to water toxicity and contamination.

Water deficit areas are more prone to polluted water in the sub-Saharan geographical area.

Unclean water contains microscopic bacteria like Amoeba. It stuck in guts and caused dissenter unless and otherwise taken out surgically.

Salmonellosis, if it gets infected in water, may cause blood vomits and stomach aches.

Irritated bowel syndrome causes due to hypertension, stress. The water toxins could lead to constipation and eventually a few years later, major or minor IBS.

Sweating more than the average human rate reduces sodium inside the body and impacts several organs.

Gulping water via throat without mouth saliva becomes acidic when directly mixed with stomached chemicals.

Most of smaller fish rely healthy on tiny food elements upon, releasing toxic chemicals from industries severely affects the smaller fish and related businesses.

Water stored in a plastic bottle is expired faster than glass bottles.

Excess amounts of lead in food can severely damage brain nerves.

Cloudy water has more gas than in normal water and can lead to stomached pain and dizziness.

Chimneys and exhaust fans from industries release harmful chemical directly into the air, gets mixed with the rainfall making water toxic. The process impacts the ecosystem and leads to water scarcity situation.

Ammonia-based cleaners contain air while cleaning activities and deposits at various places.

Water becomes highly lethal when it meets Radioactive chemicals.

Chernobyl is the classic example, water toxicity due to radioactivity.

Infections that spread in communities that have enough water for personal hygiene.

Water scarcity affected areas that constitute 90% of deaths due to toxic water.

Contagious diseases spread due to poor personal hygiene.

Washing with impure water also causes scabies, conjunctivitis, and skin rashes.

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