Water toxicity effects on body

29 Water Toxicity effects on life

Water toxicity leads to numerous amounts of lethal side effects on the body. Water may contain a substantial amount of toxic chemicals and particles depending upon the source of water and flow path. The following are some of the listed problems that affect living orgasms.

Water toxicity affects:

Newborn babies cannot drink water until six months, and poor quality of water may cause body malnutrition or, sometimes, even death.

A large number of populations live in water-scarce countries leading to fluorosis problems.

Highly chlorinated water that we found in the swimming pool darkens skin over time.

If you consume toxic water, the body demands more water due to dehydration.

Filthy water can cause severe diarrhea, Cholera, Typhoid, and dissent.

Fertilizers diluted with water can cause severe lung and sinus problems.

In India, approximately 2000 people died due to accidentally consuming water that got infected with fertilizers.

Water leaked from sewage that contaminates with the natural resource can affect sea life. Such water contains a tremendous amount of lead, which may cause cancer-related health problems.

Arsenic chemical elements can cause skin psoriasis.

Highly alcoholic substances damage the liver and even leads to death also.

Drinking water post smoking pollutes the water body molecule and can cause lung cancer.

Unstilted water sometimes causes bleeding in anal or piles issue.

Water collected from mining sources like coal and stone may choke up the gut’s enzyme secretion.

Drinking salt water can cause over hydration of the body and increase blood sugar levels.

Hepatitis A is a common infectious disease caused due to water toxicity and contamination.

Water deficit areas are more prone to polluted water in the sub-Saharan geographical area.

Unclean water contains microscopic bacteria like Amoeba. It stuck in guts and caused dissenter unless and otherwise taken out surgically.

Salmonellosis, if it gets infected in water, may cause blood vomits and stomach aches.

Irritated bowel syndrome causes due to hypertension, stress. The water toxins could lead to constipation and eventually a few years later, major or minor IBS.

Sweating more than the average human rate reduces sodium inside the body and impacts several organs.

Gulping water via throat without mouth saliva becomes acidic when directly mixed with stomached chemicals.

Most of smaller fish rely healthy on tiny food elements upon, releasing toxic chemicals from industries severely affects the smaller fish and related businesses.

Water stored in a plastic bottle is expired faster than glass bottles.

Excess amounts of lead in food can severely damage brain nerves.

Cloudy water has more gas than in normal water and can lead to stomached pain and dizziness.

Chimneys and exhaust fans from industries release harmful chemical directly into the air, gets mixed with the rainfall making water toxic. The process impacts the ecosystem and leads to water scarcity situation.

Ammonia-based cleaners contain air while cleaning activities and deposits at various places.

Water becomes highly lethal when it meets Radioactive chemicals.

Chernobyl is the classic example, water toxicity due to radioactivity.

Infections that spread in communities that have enough water for personal hygiene.

Water scarcity affected areas that constitute 90% of deaths due to toxic water.

Contagious diseases spread due to poor personal hygiene.

Washing with impure water also causes scabies, conjunctivitis, and skin rashes.

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