parents explaining about water scarcity

36 Essential Water Facts for Kids

Every 90 seconds, a child dies because of water scarcity or water pollution problems.

Water scarcity is the primary reason for girl’s education in developing and water-scarce countries. Mostly the girl’s population in drought countries is strapped for water work. Work like bringing water in buckets and utensils from well, rivers, and ponds. Due to which they never get the chance to attend schools.

Hot water is much lighter than cold water because Its cold water is always in a condensed format.

99% of the water in the world is not drinkable.

Using the latest technologies like solar dripper, we can squeeze the water from humid air and use it for plantation.

Water is a good conductor of electricity because of substances present inside water.

During ancient times, water was consumed more in the form of alcoholic drinks like wine and rum.

The world’s land contains less than 1% of drinkable water, and a maximum of it is present in the northern European glaciers.

Our body requires a limited amount of water every day approximately. Excessive drinking may lead to even death or paralysis. Not drinking 4 liters of water per day usually leads to kidney illness.

Even a highly developed and technologically advanced nation like the United States faces water scarcity problems in its water dearth regions.

Approximately 75% of the water used is for agriculture purposes worldwide.

Around 25% of the water utilized for industrial purposes per recent water facts study.

It doesn’t matter how dirty is water, but it matters to reduce, recycle, reuse, and conserve the water.

Even the best-bottled water to drink has expiry dates because of water unstable chemical properties.

The latest startups are finding a way to process sea saltwater to be filtered for drinking.

Aral lake, once upon a time largest lake on earth, shrank to 10% of its original capacity 200 years ago.

Around 33% of people in India are facing water scarcity as per the latest water scarcity statistics.

The human body can survive only on water for seven days without eating anything

Coldwater increased the risk of getting sick because it helps to grow bacteria at a faster rate than hot water.

Earth’s atmosphere contains the maximum amount of water that ever found any other natural resources.

An abundant amount of water requires washing vegetables than cooking them.

Water vaporizes in higher altitudes quicker than a flat surface.

Dry skin is the primary reason for not taking enough amount of water per daily requirement.

The average water requirement per person in the world is 1.4 gallons per day; however, currently, humans are utilizing at the rate of 20 liters per day.

Water is the only substance that is available in all three fundamental forms liquid, solid, and air.

Water facts study says, 70% of Africa continents are undersupplying of water, and 80% of the countries in African regions make it to the water-scarce countries.

In the last one hundred years, water requirement has increased six times due to overpopulation.

Climate change and war conflicts are primary water reduction reasons.

It is estimated than the Mars planet can have earth’s like atmosphere by naturally vaporizing Moon’s water resources, which are currently in Ice format.

A Giraffe in Africa can hold more than 1.4 gallons of water in its esophagus.

Windhoek recycling plants process enough freshwater from sewage water to fulfill the entire Namibia’s water requirement. Namibia is one of the water deficit countries in the world based on rainfall per capita.

There are four types of water, Bluewater – freshwater from rivers and oceans); Green water – water consumed by soil following rainfall; Greywater – wastewater released from the bath; Blackwater – water released from toilets and released for wastewater treatments.

As per a scientific study, more than 100 exoplanets have been identified containing water.

It takes 40,000 liters of water to manufacture a car, 600 gallons of water to make one hamburger, and 150 liters of water to produce tea plants for a cup of tea or coffee. It takes 1 gallon of water even to clean the chicken.

Unfiltered freshwater contains all good essential bacteria to fight against all diseases. Due to industrialization and water toxicity issues, people rely on water filters, which kills harmful bacteria and good bacteria as well.

United Nations scientific survey in the years Oct 2019, until 2025, more than 5 billion population across glove will face water shortage problems in the world, which is an inevitable water fact.

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