Clean water organizations list

2020 Clean Water Organizations List – Updated

United Nations organization has been a leader in educating the world about water awareness and the latest water scarcity situation. International governments have come forward to provide tax discounts and subsidies for clean water organization startups and led to the foundation of many organizations to help source the freshwater.

Organization Name: United Nations Water.
Organization Size (Employees): 15000+
Location: Global 

Organization Name: Namimi Gange
Organization Size (Employees): 20000+ 
Location: India 
Organization name: WRAP (Water Resources Allocation Plan)
& Energy Optimizer
Organization Size (Employees): 1001- 5000 employee
Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire  

Organization Name: Environment America
Organization Size (Employees): 200 
Location: Raleigh, NC 

Organization name: Clean Energy Fellow with National Non-profit
Organization Size (Employees): 250
Location: Washington DC  
Organization Name: Ecolab
Organization Size (Employees): 10,000+
Location:  Naperville, IL

Organization Name: The public interest network
Organization Size (Employees): 500+ 
Location: Los Angeles, CA 
Organization Name: Natural Resources Defense Council
Organization Size (Employees): 500+ 
Location:  NY, NY  

Organization Name: Campbell Scientia Inc
Organization Size (Employees): 400+
Location: Loga, Utah  

Organization Name: Darbs Raleigh
Location: Raleigh, NC  
Organization Name: PKS Personal & Kaderselektion AG
Organization Size (Employees): 10+ 
Location: Basel, CH 

Organization Name: Clarington West
Organization Size (Employees): 350+
Location: Portsmouth, England  
Organization Name:  Minnesota IT Services
Organization Size (Employees): 4000+
Location: Saint Paul, MN  
Organization Name: Atkins
Organization Size (Employees): 10,000+ 
Location: Bengaluru, India 
Organization Name: Core and Main
Organization Size (Employees): 10+ 
Location: Tampa, FL 
Organization Name: Clean water action
Organization Size (Employees):  100+  
Location:  Massachusetts, USA  O
Organization Name: Kraft Powercon
Location: Surte, Västra Götaland County, Sweden 
Organization Name: Thames Water Utilities Limited
Organization Size (Employees): 1000+  
Location: Calcot, GB 
Organization Name: OpenIGO
Organization Size (Employees): 2000+ 
Location: Nairobi, Kenya 
Organization Name: Mercy Corps
Organization Size (Employees): 6000+ 
Location: Republic, MO 
Organization Name: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Organization Size (Employees): 11000+  
Location: Dresden, DE 
Organization Name: Severn Trent Company Location
Organization Size (Employees): 9000+
Location: Coventry, GB   

Organization Name: National Audubon Society 
Organization Size (Employees): 1011+ 
Location: Michigan, ND, US 
Organization Name: CARE
Organization Size (Employees): 13000+  
Location: Atlanta, GA, US 
Organization Name: Tyot tulivat Clean Water Action
Organization Size (Employees): 5500+
Location: Austin, TX, US   
Organization Name: PleatcoPure - The Clean Water Company
Organization Size (Employees): 350+ 
Location: Loysville, KY 

Organization Name: Work for Progress
Organization Size (Employees): 15+  
 Location: Philadelphia, PA, US 
Organization Name: Lavoro in Irvine
Organization Size (Employees): 50+  
Location:  Irvine, CA, US 
Organization Name: Empregos em Corporate
Organization Size (Employees): 100+  
Location: Washington,DC, US 
Organization Name: Charity Water
Organization Size (Employees): 500+ 
Location: New York NY 
Organization Name: Appcast, Inc
Organization Size (Employees): 5+ 
Location: Indianapolis, IN, US 
Organization Name: US Army
Organization Size (Employees): 1M  
Location: US Global 
Organization Name: Trinity Consultants
Organization Size (Employees): 1200+  
Location: Albany, New York 
Organization Name: Michael Page
Organization Size (Employees): 12500+  
Location: Chelmsford, GB 
Organization Name: W5 Resourcing Associates 
Organization Size (Employees): 13+
Location: Guildford, GB  
Organization Name: Superior Water
Organization Size (Employees): 14+ 
Location: Pasadena, TX, US  
Organization Name: GHD 
Organization Size (Employees): 10001+  
Location: Baton Rouge, LA, US 
Organization Name: Evoqua Water Technologies
Organization Size (Employees): 6500+ 
Location: Rockford, IL, US 
Organization Name: MGroup
Organization Size (Employees): 50+  
Location: Caledon, GB 
Organization Name: CollabraLink Technologies, Inc. 
Organization Size (Employees): 210+ 
Location: Silver Spring, MD, US 
Organization Name: North Shore Water Reclamation District
Organization Size (Employees): 1050+  
Location: Gurnee, IL, US 

Organization Name: Bioquell UK Ltd
Organization Size (Employees): 50-200
Location: Hampshire, GB

Organization Name: Zoek
Organization Size (Employees): 1-50
Location: Watford, GB

Organization Name: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – PNNL
Organization Size (Employees): 1001-5000
Location: Washington DC, US

Organization Name: King County Washington
Organization Size (Employees): 20+
Location: Seattle, WA, US

Organization Name: Green Corps
Organization Size (Employees): 11-50
Location: Charlotte, NC, US

Organization Name:
Organization Size (Employees): 600+
Location: Toronto, CA

Organization Name: Traballo dentro City of Haverhill
Organization Size (Employees): 10+
Location: Haverhill, MA, US

Organization Name: Dow Corp
Organization Size (Employees): 2-10
Location: Terneuzen, NL

Organization Name: Western Area Power Administration
Organization Size (Employees): 1000-5000
Location: Loveland, CO, US

Organization Name: Abundant Water Company Location
Organization Size (Employees): 11-50 employees
Location: Vientiane, LA

Organization Name: SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions Company Location
Organization Size (Employees): 8000+
Location: Minnetonka, Minnesota

Organization Name: Evoqua Water Technologies Company Location
Organization Size (Employees): 1001-5005
Location: Tewksbury, MA, US

Organization Name: Flatiron Construction
Organization Size (Employees): 7000+
Location: Selma, CA, US

Organization Name: THE PURE H20 COMPANY LTD
Organization Size (Employees): 5+
Location: Columbus, OH, US

Organization Name: Gateway Professional Group
Organization Size (Employees): 65+
Location: Euclid, OH, US

Organization Name: Anaergia Inc. Company Location
Organization Size (Employees): 620+
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US

Organization Name: Anderselite
Organization Size (Employees): 250+
Location: Crawley, GB

Organization Name: UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency
Organization Size (Employees): 15000+
Location: Geneva Area, Switzerland

Organization Name: Orenco Systems, Inc
Organization Size (Employees): 450+
Location: Sutherlin, OR, US

Organization Name: Xognol Center, TX
Organization Size (Employees): 10+
Location: Center, TX, US

Organization Name: Iowa Department of Administrative Services
Organization Size (Employees): 150+
Location Des Moines, IA, US

Organization Name: Solution Recruitment Ltd
Organization Size ( Employees): 11-60
Location Camberley, GB

Organization Name: The Aspen Institute Company Location
Organization Size (Employees): 550+
Location: Washington, DC, US

Organization Name: Slihrms
Organization Size (Employees): 10+
Location: Edinburgh, GB

Organization Name: BioTalent
Organization Size (Employees): 12+
Location: Basel Area, Switzerland

Organization Name: WE Charity
Organization Size (Employees):
Location: Toronto, CA

Organization Name: TRC Companies, Inc.
Organization Size (Employees): 10000+
Location: Lowell, MA, U

Organization Name: American Rivers
Organization Size (Employees): 51-200
Location: Toledo, OH, US

Organization Name: Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc
Organization Size (Employees): 7000+
Location: Delhi, IN

Organization Name: San Francisco Estuary Institute
Organization Size (Employees): 51-200
Location: Richmond, CA, US

Organization Name: SEH Company Location
Organization Size (Employees): 2000+
Location: Denver, Colorado, United States

Organization Name: Epco Corp Company
Organization Size (Employees): 240+
Location: Houston, TX, US

Organization Name: World Vision Australia
Organization Size (Employees): 501-1500
Location: Burwood Heights, 3151, AU

Organization Name: Murraysmith
Organization Size (Employees): 200+
Location: Tacoma, WA, US

Organization Name: Sweco
Organization Size (Employees): 11500+
Location: Copenhagen, DK

Organization Name: World Vision
Organization Size (Employees): 12000+
Location: Federal Way, WA, US

Organization Name: PennFuture
Organization Size (Employees): 55+
Location: Erie, PA, US

Organization Name: Amey
Organization Size (Employees): 11000+
Location: Birmingham, GB

Organization Name: Cityscape Recruitment LTD
Organization Size (Employees): 10+
Location: Sussex, WI, US

Organization Name: WaterAid
Organization Size (Employees): 700+
Location: London, GB

Organization Name: Arizona Public Service – APS
Organization Size (Employees): 8000+
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Organization Name: Adview
Organization Size (Employees):
Location: Edinburgh, GB

Organization Name: New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC)
Organization Size (Employees): 225+
Location: Lowell, MA, US

Organization Name: Weathermatic Inc
Organization Size (Employees): 20+
Location: Garland, TX, US

Organization Name: The Davey Tree Expert Company
Organization Size (Employees): 10900+
Location: Crofton, MD, US

Organization Name: Kinder Morgan, Inc.
Organization Size (Employees): 12300+
Location: Houston, TX, US

The given listed information analyzed form Hence there may be a little variation in the information presented regarding clean water organizations. The best way to get the updated list is to add google search alerts as “clean water organization”. You can set this alert daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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