How Water Omniprocessor works


Importance of Omniprocessor:  Water scarcity is a constant challenge through the Africa continent. In some African countries, there is no facility for sewage pipeline, and hence sludge is unprocessed. It retains in the sewage tanks until tanks are full and start spilling over the streets. Finally, mud has to take out with manual human labor … Read more How Water Omniprocessor works

Types of Water Storage In World

Water scarcity is increasing every year, and there is a need to find different ways to converse water. Water storage is rudimentary and essential for healthy living. We listed some of the world’s different types of water storage tanks and structure per following. Bluewater Tank: Bluewater storage tanks have more than 1000 liter of water … Read more Types of Water Storage In World

How To Drill A Well With Latest Technology

How to drill a well

How to drill a water well, the process seems to be very complicated. But literally it is one of the most straightforward methods to drill a water well using four steps. First – Identify the water table spot; Second – Drilling the hole using grinder, water, air; Third step – Casing the drilling hole; Fourth … Read more How To Drill A Well With Latest Technology

2019 Clean Water Organizations List

Clean water organizations list

United Nations organization has been a leader in educating the world about water awareness and the latest water scarcity situation. International governments have come forward to provide tax discounts and subsidies for clean water organization startups and led to the foundation of many organizations to help source the freshwater. Organization Name: United Nations Water. Organization … Read more 2019 Clean Water Organizations List

103 Innovative ways to conserve water

ways to conserve water

Take only enough water in a glass that you can drink. Use recyclable paper and cups for drinking and eating during festivals Install water collector at the rooftop of the building and drained water into the underground water tank. Collect the rainwater and store it in a moveable water tank to transport to drought areas. … Read more 103 Innovative ways to conserve water