Types of Water Storage In World

Water scarcity is increasing every year, and there is a need to find different ways to converse water. Water storage is rudimentary and essential for healthy living. We listed some of the world’s different types of water storage tanks and structure per following.

Bluewater Tank:

Bluewater storage tanks have more than 1000 liter of water storage capacity. Due to their blue color, water inside them doesn’t evaporate, and these water tanks can be connected easily via pipes.

Outdoor Water Tanks:

Outdoor water tanks are made up of concrete to make sure they don’t break up due to open heat and open water. California has many outdoor containers due to its vast geographic area.

Wooden Water Tanks:

Wooden water tanks are available in town and village due to its economic value. They are transportable from one place to another, and they are easy to assemble. They are made from teak wood for better durability and don’t deteriorate for at least a hundred years.

Thai Jar :

These mud jars are readily available in Thailand. It is their old way of storing water. They are a great economical way of water storage. They promote art and source of earning money for jar makers. They are highly useful during the Arid climate.

Hot water storage tanks:

Hot Water Storage Tank is generally used to process or filtered water. Usually, they connect with a water filter and a water meter that stops at specific intervals. Many villages in India have hot water storage tanks for public drinking purposes.

Floodgate water storage:

These are small dam-like structures to trap water during flooding. Flood gates also process water simultaneously for drinking purposes with the help of pure water filtered attached to the top of a small bridge. Many developing countries still lack floodwater gates.

Community Water Storage

The dome-like structure is similar to water storage towers. Community water storage is there another name due to their round shape. Community storage tanks help to pump water into the ground efficiently. , and people do not have to install a water motor to pump water into house water tanks.

Gardening water tanks

Gardening tanks are specially build to feed water to plants. Inner layers consist of durable plastic, and the outer area is barbed with small pipes for circulation.


Dams are the most significant water storage structure on earth. Some levees in India hold approximately up to 3140000.00 cubic meters of water. They are an excellent structure for the fishing business and empower the aquaculture industry. They are the right solution for water scarcity regions.

Brick Water Storage

Many African countries use brick water storage as they are economical and required less time and effort. It contains water that is harvested via rainwater harvesting and does not directly collect water from the atmosphere.

Natural and Artificial lakes:

Hill stations and mountain lands are efficient places to hold an abundant amount of water. Low maintenance and it requires almost no filtration and processing. Popular brands that make drinking water did their businesses on fresh lake waters.

Big storage water tank:

For densely populated cities where water scarcity is high, big water tanks are used to meet the demand of the city’s water. However, they are highly expensive and required a massive workforce for maintenance. The United States one of the highest numbers of big water tanks due to its continuous requirement.

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