How Water Omniprocessor works

Importance of Omniprocessor: 

Water scarcity is a constant challenge through the Africa continent. In some African countries, there is no facility for sewage pipeline, and hence sludge is unprocessed. It retains in the sewage tanks until tanks are full and start spilling over the streets. Finally, mud has to take out with manual human labor efforts by digging a hole inland and then manually pulling sludge with a bucket and filled in drilled holes. It imposes a significant risk of contamination because manually cleaning sewage tanks may affect the workers, and then the disease is spread over whoever comes in contact.

Sometimes little children even swim in these sludge-filled waters. Another way to transfer the sludge via pumping using a motorized and then transfer via big tucks to the wastewater treatment plant. However, it still does kill the pathogens. It is where Omni processors play a crucial role. It is a pathogen-free processor and also creates many by-products like electricity, Ash, and pure drinking water. The by-product ashes are durable and economical. Hence by selling these products, one can run a profitable business from this water sanitation process. Also, it helps to solve water scarcity issues.

How Omni Processor works:

Sludge goes into conveyor bet in vertical slope. This sludge contains human and any waste that runs through your building sewage pipeline to wastewater treatment plants

It then goes into the boiling tube where this sludge boils. The boiling is horizontally aligned so that the mud remains on the surface, while water vapors go through vertical tracts.

In this boiling process, water vapors are separated from sludge solids and stored them in a container.

Separated sludge is then fed into the fire and creates a high pressure, high-temperature steam.

The hot steam transfers to a steam engine that helps to run a generator to produce electricity.

The high pressure is steam is so considerable that it is a help to run the generator and also used to fulfill the demand for electricity in towns and villages.

On the other side, the water vapors that generates during the boiling process is process transferred to the water filtration system.

This water filtration system sanitizes and filters the water so that it is available for drinking during water scarcity situations. The pH value in this filtered water is the same water inside any standard drinking water bottle.

The person who is managing this whole process is get paid in two ways. One, getting paid for taking sludge water and second providing electricity and clean drinking water for communities.

The Omniprocessors costs around 2 million each, however, they have an immediate return on investment once the sewage pipelines are connected. Also, with the latest mobile devices, it is accessible to operator them remotely and required few resources to maintain on-site.

The Omniprocessor is the result of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation program to provide drinkable water and economical electricity in poor countries. It also meets the United States’ greenhouse gas emission standards. Omni Processors are easy to install and runs on the steam engine, just like an old train engine. Hence it doesn’t need an additional power supply. Instead, it over generates electricity, and extra is given back to societies.

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