36 Essential Water Facts for Kids

parents explaining about water scarcity

Every 90 seconds, a child dies because of water scarcity or water pollution problems. Water scarcity is the primary reason for girl’s education in developing and water-scarce countries. Mostly the girl’s population in drought countries is strapped for water work. Work like bringing water in buckets and utensils from well, rivers, and ponds. Due to … Read more 36 Essential Water Facts for Kids

2020 Clean Water Organizations List – Updated

Clean water organizations list

United Nations organization has been a leader in educating the world about water awareness and the latest water scarcity situation. International governments have come forward to provide tax discounts and subsidies for clean water organization startups and led to the foundation of many organizations to help source the freshwater. Organization Name: United Nations Water. Organization … Read more 2020 Clean Water Organizations List – Updated

Water shortage in the world

Water shortage country list

Although our planet earth contains 71 percent of water, only less than 10 percent use for drinking and other utilities combined. The centralized water supply is dangerous for the world. If the universal water supply contaminates, then the water deficit situation is inevitable. Water shortage happens by multiple reasons this result is summarized and shortlisted … Read more Water shortage in the world

Water and Sanitation

water and sanitation

Water sanitation is essential to maintain a healthy life. Water sanitation is required to reduce hospitalization and avoid diseases like gastritis. As an example, the Indian health care system has created a separate ministry for water sanitation. Every day more than 10,000 people get skill because of the contaminated water. Diarrhea is one of the … Read more Water and Sanitation

Wastewater Disposal system overview

The wastewater treatment plant is the place where wastewater gets turned back into water that we can drink or use for household purposes. For example, in India, there are an estimated more than 5000 treatment plants. The majority of sewage water contains human excreta and industrial waste containing organic matters and microbes. It is not … Read more Wastewater Disposal system overview