Water Scarcity In Africa Facts

water scarcity in Africa

Nigeria Lasy year Nigeria suffered a deadly epidemic of cholera due to contaminated water. Most of the places water source is a water well and borewells, which sometimes contains wastewater. Some people rely on artificial water sources due to water deficit, and some walk up to 10 km to collector water from dry river ponds. … Read more Water Scarcity In Africa Facts

How Water Omniprocessor works


Importance of Omniprocessor:  Water scarcity is a constant challenge through the Africa continent. In some African countries, there is no facility for sewage pipeline, and hence sludge is unprocessed. It retains in the sewage tanks until tanks are full and start spilling over the streets. Finally, mud has to take out with manual human labor … Read more How Water Omniprocessor works

Water Analysis Information and Facts

water analysis

Water is an essential component of living, and it also gets degraded in quality when it contains an excess of unwanted chemicals and harmful microorganisms. Water gets polluted by various reasons, and sources of water bodies have many uses, such as the public use of agricultural, industrial, fisheries, and recreational use. Water quality is relative … Read more Water Analysis Information and Facts

10 Common Types of Water Bottle

Water bottles play an essential role when traveling or working out in gyms. The capacity of the Water bottle determines the amount of water consumed per day. For example, if you would take 1 liter of the water bottle to office, it means you may only drink a 1-liter bottle during working hours. On the … Read more 10 Common Types of Water Bottle

Types of Water Storage In World

Water scarcity is increasing every year, and there is a need to find different ways to converse water. Water storage is rudimentary and essential for healthy living. We listed some of the world’s different types of water storage tanks and structure per following. Bluewater Tank: Bluewater storage tanks have more than 1000 liter of water … Read more Types of Water Storage In World