how to drink water

How to drink water and Drinking water health benefits

There are numerous myths and stories on how to drink water. There are a lot of scientific studies that demonstrate various benefits of drinking water. Dark circles, frequent pimples, dull skin, bloated stomach are common effects of not drinking water properly. Every cell and function in our body requires water. You will never go to the doctor if you drink water as needed for collection. When we do not respect the water, that makes our life puts us into serious illness. Let’s look at all ways we can drink water in detail.

Drink water while sitting and not standing:

Drink water while sitting and not standing

Many doctors suggest that drinking water in holding position causes arthritis. It also imbalance the fluids in the stomach as a liquid directly falls through the esophagus without getting saliva mixed into it. It impacts stomach walls and reduces the life of the stomach. It causes severe medical implications like ulcers and heartburn. Our thirst is eternal when we are drinking water while standing. The neurological nerves are more relaxed while sitting down. Heartbeat is more stable, and blood pressure is a comfortable sitting position. Sitting also reduces the chances of heart attacks. Kidneys function well when we are in a relaxed place. Organs get a lot of pressure when we are either in a running or standing position, and it impacts the filtration process of kidneys.

Avoid thinking and talking on the phone while drinking:

Avoid thinking and talking on phone while drinking

It is true, but yes, a lot of people try to talk over the phone or think while drinking water. Talking is dangerous as many times, the water slips into the lungs instead of the stomach. Sometimes people like to sip water while driving after long drives. However, you should stop the car or part it at a safe distance. Drinking water while driving may cause an accident.

Avoid drinking water using bottle:

Avoid drinking water using bottle

Always use a glass or a cup to drink the water. Drinking using a bottle doesn’t let the water to stir inside the mouth, and it directly falls to the digestive tract. Also, a lot of people have the habit of drinking water by holding at the top of the mouth and pouring it indirectly in the throat. Saliva must be mixed with water so that water can digest. Water should always be consumed by little sips one at a time.

Drinking the water during an emergency:

Drinking water during an emergency

During an emergency, only dirty water is available; then, you can use a bottle, coal, sand, gravel, and tissue paper to filter dirty water.

  • Take a bottle and turn upside down.
  • Cut the bottom of the bottom.
  • Remote cap and make couple holes in cap
  • Keep some tissue paper at the cap. Then add coal, sand, and gravel on top of another.
  • Add another layer of tissue paper on top of it.
  • Pour the dirty water from the top and drain inside the cup.
  • Later you can keep the water in the open to get some sunlight. This process will kill the harmful bacteria inside water. After this, you can safely drink the filtered water.

Avoid immediately drinking water after tired:

Avoid immediately drinking water after tired

After returning from an outside journey or even a short walk, it is advisable to sit down and take a couple of fruit pieces. And only after that, we should drink water. This method helps to relax all body muscles; otherwise, many times, and it leads to experience muscle weakness, twitching, and entanglement. Water quality changes over the region. The water that you drink in a small village in India would taste different in highly dense cities. So, people should take care to research drinking water as some times it leads to hair fall and effects permanently on the liver.

Manage drinking water based on seasons:

Manage drinking water based on seasons

During summer, the body needs more fluids than any other season. In winter, the body tends to demand less water due to the cold season, but it is suggested to drink the same amount of water even during cold seasons.

Drinking during pregnancy:

Drinking during pregnancy

Always keeping the body hydrated is vital during pregnancy. Urine infection is common during pregnancy and stops by drinking 2 liters of water every day. If urine is not colorless, then it is a reliable indicator that your body needs more water. Drinking enough water also helps during labor and keeping baby healthy. Most pregnant adults are under-hydrated and require regular checkups and monitoring to avoid dehydration.

Too much drinking :

Too much drinking

Hyponatremia is a condition where excessive drinking of water can damage your body. When you are not thirsty, it is not recommended to drink water. It creates an imbalance of salt in mass due to excessive intake of water. You may feel to pee more frequently at night, and it will disturb your sleep. It may lead to swelling of body organs like kidneys, sphincter. Other symptoms of over-drinking are headache, nausea, and sometimes it leads to coma and death. The minimum daily water requirement is 1.5 liters. We eat fruits, drinks, tea, and coffee in which we use water. So the total consumption of water in various forms of water should be limited to 4 liters. It is advisable to consume more only if you are doing intensive body tasks like gym exercise.



The highest amount of causalities happens in a marathon where participants fall to death if they don’t consume water in the right amount and the right time. Claudio spencer (Chile) and Taylor Ceepo (US) are the latest fatalities in 2019 marathons. Marathon usually has tents every few kilometers. It is wise to stop for a few seconds and take a couple of sips before resuming to race. A lot of marathons have energy gels that help to boost body energy.

Trekking mountains and working on strenuous tasks:

Trekking mountains and working on strenuous tasks

During Mountain trekking, it is required to carry snacks, meals, drinks, and various items in a single bag pack. On average, a mountaineer needs to take 6 liters of drinkable water. So, stopping at regular intervals is necessary for 15-20 minutes to drink water. Otherwise, the body feels exhausted and cannot walk further. If freshwater is not available, then you can use coconut water, fruit juice, or buttermilk. Coconut water is an excellent source of sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium.

Drinking based on workouts:

Drinking based on workouts

The different types of workouts demands demand different amounts of water. During swimming, running, body exercise, consultation from a coach is mandatory on how much water to drink. A professional sports coach would always advise on how to drink water and at what intervals. Many mobile apps are available in the market that helps to track body water index. These mobile apps also provide alarms when the body drops the water level. Improper amount of consumption of water leads to body fatigue and even death in some cases. Sometimes swimmers accidentally swallow the seawater. Seawater contains a vast amount of salt, and it may lead to improper blood circulation if consumed.

Drink Lukewarm water:

Drink Lukewarm water

Having lukewarm water before sleep and after morning helps to relax blood pressure. Warm water aids the natural digestion process and pushes food through guts. Ancient Ayurveda study suggests adding Ayurveda medicines with hot water so that nutrients get adequately dissolved. Otherwise, drinking cold water or alcohol makes the situation worse.

Take sips and not full glasses:

Take sips and not whole glasses

Gulping a full glass of water at a time puts a lot of pressure on the digestive tract. Taking regular sips helps to slurp water into the mouth and keeps the upper region of digestion track hydrated. We can use straws for drinking water if we have a habit of gulping more water than needed.

Drinking water during illness:

Drinking water during illness

When seriously ill, we lose body water. Doctors usually admit the patient into the hospital and give them saline so that enough amount of water injects into the body. Life-threatening diseases like Dengue, Malaria, and typhoid kills white cells in our collection. In addition to saline, taking water with electrolytic water helps to reproduce white cells. We should avoid drinking water with artificial sweeteners during illness as it makes the body to demand more water and increase weight.

Understanding your body needs:

Understanding your body needs

Every individual is born and raised differently in different in the environment. Some people in cities, towns and some in the mountains. Therefore, water requirement differs from person to person. We must analyze our body water requirements. You can verify with the help of a professional dietitian. There is a lot of medical equipment available easily in the market that can check your body mass and water index. They are ecumenical and affordable for ordinary people.

Avoid drinking open water:

Avoid drinking open water

Many people sip leftover beverages, which is kept free and avoids taking freshwater into the glass. Because they are sometimes in a hurry or water is not available nearby. It is a bad practice and commonly observed in our day to day life. During water scarcity, many non-urban towns live on dirty and open water. Such contaminated water should be treated to prevent microbial growth.

How to drink water during meals:

How to drink water during meals

We tend to drink a lot of water post lunch and dinner. Especially when we eat spicy food, the body demands more water than needed to ease burning sensation in the mouth. Taking small sips of water after a meal helps to digest food effectively. We should not drink more than one glass of water during and after a meal. It is better to take more than one glass of water only after 1-hour post supper or lunch.

Four liters of water every day per person is essential for a healthy and long life. The deficiency of water causes cramps and malnutrition of body cells, triggers diseases like diabetes, and even insomnia in some cases. Various types of freshwater are readily available in the market like Lemon water, sparkling water, which is good for health.


  • Regularly drinking water helps weight loss
  • Drinking water before beds helps to clear the digestive tract and flow food to guts.
  • Drinking water with lemon kills harmful bacteria during digestion.
  • Drinking water after meals helps to remove food particles from teeth.
  • Drinking water in the morning about two glasses helps to fulfill the demand of water for the entire day and keeps skin healthy.

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